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Healthier Relationship Workshop

Ivan Carlos Zheral’dovich


Ivan Carlos Zheral’dovich has been facilitating workshops for BSN since 2012. By trade he is a business/systems analyst; by passion, he is involved in recovery programs due to his own personal journey from shame to grace. He and his husband, Fabio, have been attending Bering since May 2010.

We enter into our relationships with pre-established behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. Some are beneficial to our relationships; many are not.

In the Relationships Workshop, we will review what harmful and unbeneficial behaviors, attitudes and beliefs we developed, how they developed, and how they have negatively impacted our relationships.

After we identify the dysfunctional roles, co-dependent behaviors, and emotional wounds; in general, discover what is not working in our relationships, we work on finding solutions. We require a solid foundation of awareness, identity, boundaries, reality, and moderation and we must be open to the experience of vulnerability, in order to restore love, caring and intimacy.

Without trust, respect, safety, and emotional availability, we cannot develop the skills we need to have happy and healthier relationships. In this workshop, we will review what skills we can develop to restore love, caring and intimacy and how.

The Relationships Workshop is open to ALL: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and straight, who are married, in committed relationships and single.

The secrets to a successful, healthier and loving relationship are the same for ALL.

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