Bering Connect

Care4Care – Caregiver Support

This is a caregiver support group that meets every second Monday  from 11:00 am  until noon in room 206 at 1440 Harold. This is open to everyone in the community that is a family or friend caregiver or those that anticipate being a caregiver. Then join us for lunch at a local restaurant (dutch treat).

Come join us as we seek to reduce stress, change negative self-talk, communicate needs, and deal with difficult feelings. Come and find better balance in life.  This group begins with a very short stress relieving exercise, followed by an educational topic presentation. Then we complete the program with sharing and mutual support.

Let us Support You!

Bering Connect serves the HIV and GLBT communities and their friends and families, by providing spiritual support, pastoral counseling, and peer support groups in a confidential and nurturing space.

Phone: 713-526-1017 x 206

Hawthorne Street and Mulberry Street
Houston, Texas 77006

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